Published statistics about the number of people living with depression, anxiety and other abundant mental disorders may in fact be far lower than the true figures, therefore making the issue of mental health far greater than we currently realise.

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Despite mental health care amounting to over £105 billion a year in social and economic cost, only one quarter of people suffering are currently being treated. Whether you know of someone in your organisation displaying abnormal behaviour, it is important to be educated on the symptoms of the more common mental illnesses as; otherwise, a potential issue may go unnoticed
60% of board members believe their organisation supports people with mental ill health and 97% of senior managers believe that they are accessible if employees want to talk about mental health. However, 63% of managers believe that they are obliged to put the interests of their organisation above the wellbeing of team members, and 49% of employees would not talk to their manager about a mental health issue. Manager within the Hospitality industry need to talk to their staff to help bridge this gap.
Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director at Business in the Community said, “Millions of employees are suffering in silence and feel unable to share their experiences at work. When they do reach out, many are met with an inadequate response. Our findings show that we need more openness, more training and information, and more support for employees and managers. This is why we are asking employers to take three steps – Train, Talk and Take Action.”
Our Mental Health Workshop combines Strategic Intervention and Mental Health, allowing Managers across the business to first become confident in the problems they will face, how to deal with events and create a plan for a safe and understanding working enviroment. All of our instructors are fully accredited in Pyschology and Mental Health along with running their own private practice, offering a greater understanding of the subject. They are also monitored on their performance to ensure the qulaity of our programme for our clients.
Key stages of the course:
At the Mental Health Center we focus on Prevention and Intervention, offering Senior Management, HR Manager, Area General Managers, General Managers, Deputy Mangers, Supervisors, HOD’s the solutions for dealing with any Mental Health issue within your business. We also offer a referral service to our trained coaches at no cost to the business or should a key member of your team requires more dedicated full time help we have our addiction clinic The Haynes Clinic as an additional referral programme.
Training for your team takes place over the course of one day approx. 6 hours of intensive training; 
The following are the key areas covered:
  1. Understand the Six Human needs and how they influence Mental Health
  2. What does Mental Health Look Like
  3. Understanding Nature v Nurture and what that means for Mental Health
  4. What signs to look for in your team.
  5. Ways to start the conversation 'ALS'
  6. Understanding the different kinds of Mental Health
  7. How to deal with Mental Health in the work place
  8. When to give support and advice
  9. When to refer and ask for help.

We won’t turn you or your teams to be a therapist, we will however give individuals the confidence to deal with Mental Health in their work place. Our course can be carried out at either the client’s venue or at our office in Windsor, numbers are restricted to 20 per session.
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