Hello from me Neill Walker: Now I’m no Mr Motivator, at one of my events, a guy came up to me and said, “great course Neill, however I don’t need motivation” I said good that’s not what I do, I just help people motivate themselves to create a better life. You should have seen his face, not the response he was expecting!

I have experienced some pretty big highs and some extreme lows in my life all of which have taught me to push myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am training for the Brighton Marathon 2018 for the Headson Mental Health Charity. I am just finishing off my first book 'Why do we do the things we do?' soon to be available through all good book retailers, and I forgot to mention the day job.

I have been told that what I do for people is amazing, helping those with difficulty in their lives either with a Mental Health, Life or Business problem. I say no, you see I get more back from seeing a person or business become more fulfilled, more settled, focused, determined, more balanced than they were when I first met with them. I did a course for a successful restaurant group with the owners involved, they had dreams, ambitions but they never broke-through until they did my RSM programme and within 6 months they had not one but three businesses, their dream property and a new home and things are going from strength to strength..

What I do have is a relentless belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. That's the key is - putting my mind to it! I also believe that of all my clients and every delegate at every event. I want to touch people to enable them see that they have all of the resources at hand to create the life, the business they truly deserve. 

That’s why I have worked with some of the biggest companies across the globe over the last 30 years, a guy who left school with minimum educational qualifications and dyslexia. I spent 5 years working within Formula One as an agent, represented several Football League Clubs and raised 100’s Millions of dollars and turned around businesses on the brink of bankruptcy. 

It doesn’t matter what the task is at hand, it doesn’t matter how tough the situation might seem at the time I will be able to find a way!

With a huge passion for empowering people, I not only wanted to use my experience but studied personal development and human psychology too.

I am a Strategic Interventionist, trained by Tony Robbins and the Robbins Madanes Training Centre, Board Certified Coach, Certified in Psychology and Mental Health and have an MBA to my name. Remember I was the guy who left school with no formal qualifications and dyslexia!

If you would like to attend an event, work with me on a one to one (no matter where you are in the world!) have me speak at your event or run a course for your business then the first thing to do is make the decision to contact me. Take action today don't wait and look back at what could have been. My direct email address is Neill@NeillWalker.com and yes I read them all. 


Coaching is ideal for offering you sound, unbiased guidance as you face major decisions about life changes. A results coach can also help you clarify your goals and vision and chart a course toward a more proactive path. Your coach also helps you shrewdly assess risks and assert yourself intelligently as you let go of older, more limiting beliefs.

Results coaching is also an excellent resource for people who have a clear vision and set of goals, but are having issues creating an actionable plan to make the vision a reality. Coaching is about proven results and strategies for success, the things that help you regain lost momentum.

Finally, for those who are ready to take a leap and tackle a new and intimidating challenge, step out of their comfort zone or just want an edge as they push themselves to the next level, results coaching is the answer.
Business Results Coaching Works


If you want to achieve extraordinary results and fulfilment in life, you must begin at the centre source of all your choices, decisions, feelings and experience — your focus.


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